One of the tools our dentists may use to more closely examine your smile is an intraoral camera. Intraoral cameras are small, pen-like devices that can easily view all areas of your mouth, allowing Dr. Kevin Lacour and Dr. Charles Burch to see areas that are not normally accessible. The camera captures high-quality color photos of your teeth, gums and mouth, making it easy to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue and diagnose developing problems, such as cracked and chipped teeth, tooth decay and gum disease. The camera is small and easily maneuverable, ensuring your comfort during the imaging process, and the captured images are transmitted immediately to a nearby monitor where we can view them in detail.

Intraoral cameras are highly versatile and may be used to diagnose and follow-up on the treatment of a wide range of dental problems. They are also an excellent educational tool. After your pictures are taken you can view them alongside our dentists to learn more about your oral health and treatment options. The images can also be shared easily with other dentists, specialists and insurance companies as needed to facilitate your care.

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